How to stake at Surf TON

After upgrading 4.5.0 Surf TON makes it possible to make staking of your
However the button “to stake” is often inactive — Try to stake later. This might
be connected with the beta-testing of this function.

Though, you can make staking in manual mode.
For this purpose you need to chose the depool in which staking will be made.
The list of depools is available on the link The
peculiarity of this address is that it is sensitive to a register. If you use the
link with the letter P in lower case, the list of
depools will not be shown.
That is the trick.
Here is the list of the first depools

The first one is the pool on which Surf places their stakes and it can be
seen by the number of participants. Though, it has the highest profit
commission – 8 %.
One aspect is worth mentioning. If you have 614 coins in Surf and you
want to stake 600 coins, you will see 614 coins on your wallet balance.

But after clicking on the balance, you find out that 14 coins are available to spend
and 600 coins are on the staking.

But if you send the coins to any other depool, different from Green Surf, you
will see 14 crystals on the balance and zero on the stake services. So you
have to remember on which depool you send your coins. I staked not only on
the Surf depool, but on the other depool too, where the commission is
lower. In general, for risk spreading. Although I haven’t worked out what
risks can there be.
In order not to forget where I sent the coins, I added the depool addresses
like активы. For this purpose I clicked the button + on the right-hand corner
of the same page

and typed-in the depool addresses. They indicate something strange, but
the main idea is that I entered the depool addresses and the names.

And the following information is about how you can make staking in manual

On the page with the depool addresses you should copy
the depool address Green Surf

Return to Surf TON

Clicking Browse DeBots

After that click on the green icon DePool

Agree that you understand everything

Then choose Enter manually

And enter the copied address of your depool

After that click on the Stake

Then choose Main accountt

In my case the following information appeared – I have two stakes there. To make
one more stake I click on Deposit ordinary stake. In your case there will be
the button  Stake.

If you need to withdraw the money, just choose Withdraw stake.
That’s all) If this has been helpful, please, comment.

Everything will be Decentralization!

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